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Forcemeat Recipes (Sausages)

 Country-Style Forcemeat

Basic Forcemeat

Mousseline Forcemeat

Basic Game Forcemeat

Tex-Mex Turkey Sausage

Spicy Italian Sausage


Country-Style Forcemeat

Yeild: 5lbs(2.2 kg)

Lean pork, diced 2lb  (900g)
Pate spice (see recipe) 2 Tbsp  (30ml)
Salt   1 Tbsp  (15ml)
Black Pepper  To Taste
Brandy   2 fl oz (60ml)
Pork Liver,(diced) 1 lb (450g)
Fatback (diced)  1 lb (450b)
Onions, small dice 3 oz  (90g)
Garlic, minced  1 Tbsp  (15ml)
Fresh parsley, chopped 3 Tbsp  (45ml)
Eggs   6 ea

1) Combine the diced pork with the pate spice, salt, pepper and brandy;
marinate under refrigeration for several hours.
2) Grind the liver and force it though a drum sieve. reserve.
3) Grind the marinated pork and fatback through the grinders large die.
4) Grind half the pork and fatback a second time through the medium die along
with the onions, garlic and parsley.
5) Working over an ice bath, combine the coarse and medium ground pork with
the liver and eggs.
6) Cook and taste a small portion of the forcemeat and adjust the seasonings
as necessary.

Basic Forcemeat

Yield: 4lbs 8oz (2kg)

Veal, diced  1lb 8oz (650g)
Lean pork, diced 1lb 8oz (650g)
Brandy   2 fl oz (60ml)
Pate spice  2 tsp  (10ml)
Salt   1 1/2tsp(7ml)
White Pepper  To Taste
Fatback, diced  1lb 8oz (650g)
Eggs   4 ea
Ham, med dice  4oz (120g)
Pistachio nuts  2oz (60g)
Black Olives  2oz (60g)

1) Combine the veal and pork with the brandy, pate spice, salt and white
pepper; marinate under refrigeration for several hours.
2) Grind the meats through the grinder's large die and again through the small
3) Grind the fatback through the grinder's small die.
4) Combine the meat and fat in the bowl of a food processor and blend until
they are emulsified.
5) Work in the eggs until the forcemeat is smooth and well emulsified. Do not
overprocess the forcemeat.
6) Fold in the ham, pistachio nuts and olives.
7) Cook a small portion of the forcemeat by poaching or sauteing it. Taste and
adjust the seasoning as necessary.

Mousseline Forcemeat

Yield: 4lbs (1.8kg)

Fish, scallops, skinless
chicken breast or lean veal 2lb (900g)
Egg Whites   4 
Salt    1 Tbsp (15ml)
White Pepper   To Taste
Nutmeg, ground   To Taste
Cayenne Pepper   To Taste
Heavy Cream   1qt (1lt)

1) Grind the dominant meat through a large die.
2) Process the meat in a food processor until smooth.
3) Add the egg whites one at a time and pulse the processor until they are
4) Scrape down the sides of the processor's bowl and add the spices.
5) With the machine running, add the cream in a steady stream.
6) Scrape down the bowl again and process the mousseline until it is smooth
and well mixed. Do not overprocess.
7) Remove the mousseline from the machine and hold in an ice bath. If
additional smoothness is desired, force the mousseline through a drum sieve in
samll batches using a plastic scraper or rubber spatula.
8) Cook a small protion of the forcemeat by poaching it. Taste and adjust the
seasonings and texture as necessary.

Basic Game Forcemeat

Yield: 4lb 8oz (2kg)

Venison, cubed  1lb 8oz (675g)
Veal, cubed  1lb 8oz (675g)
Brandy   4fl oz (120ml)
Salt & Pepper  To Taste
Dried Thyme  1tsp (5ml)
Pork fatback, cubed 1lb (450g)
Eggs   3ea 
Game stock, cold 1pt (450ml)
Fresh parsley,chopped 1oz (30g)
Green peppercorns 1/2oz (15g)

1) Combine the venison and veal with the brandy, salt, pepper and thyme;
marinate for several hours or overnight.
2) Grind the marinated meat and marinaded ingredients in a chilled meat
grinder once through a large die and then once through a small die;
3) Grind the fatback once through the small die.
4) Emulsify the fat with the ground meats in the bowl of a cold food
processor. This can be done in several batches. Place the forcemeat in a
stainless steel bowl over an ice bath.
5) Add the eggs, stock, parsley and peppercorns to the forcemeat in several
batches; work them in by hand.
6) Additional garnishes may be added as desired. The forcemat can be used to
make a variety of pates or terrines.

Tex-Mex Turkey Sausage

Yield: 4lb (1.8kg)

Canola Oil  4tbsp (60ml)
Onions, chopped fine 12oz (360g)
Garlic, minced  1tbsp (15ml)
Jalapeno, chopped 1tbsp (15ml)
Turkey breast meat
trimmed of fat  2lbs (1kg)
Veal, lean  8oz (250g)
White Wine Vinegar 2fl oz (60ml)
Water   8fl oz (250ml)
Fresh Cilantro, chopped 4oz (120g)
White Pepper  1tsp (5ml)
Chilli powder  1tsp (5ml)
Cumin, ground  1/2tsp (2ml)
Salt   1tsp (5ml)

1) Heat the oil and saute the onions, garlic and jalapeno until the onions are
translucent; remove and chill well.
2) Grind the turkey and veal in a cold meat grinder, once through the large
die and then through the medium die. Working over an ice bath, combine the
meats, vinegar, water and seasonings. Add the sauteed vegetables.
3) Blend well, then cook a small portion to test the flavor and texture.
Adjust the seasonings.
4) Stuff into casings or portion into 2-ounce (60-gram) patties and broil.
Serve with papaya salasa.

Spicy Italian Sausage

Yield: 5lb (2.2kg)

Pork Butt  5lb  (2.2kg)
Salt   1 1/2 tbsp (23ml)
Black pepper  1 1/2 tsp (7ml)
Fennel seeds  1 1/2 tsp (7ml)
Paprika   1 tbsp  (15ml)
Red pepper, crushed 1 1/2 tsp (7ml)
Coriander, ground 3/4 tsp  (4ml)
Water, cold  5fl oz  (150ml)

1) Cut the pork into 2-inch (5-centimeter) cubes.
2) Combine the pork with the remaining ingredients except the water.
3) Grind the meat once through the coarse die of a well-chilled grinder.
4) Add the water and mix well.
5) Stuff the sausage into casings.




Chef Tom Heintz